How to run ZkSync2.0 against my L1 evm chain

I want to run ZkSync 2.0 along with our L1 EVM Compatible chain.

Although I see a configuration field to point to my L1 node, is there anything else needed to be done in the setup?


As I know for now we can use L1 with zkSync 1.0 in mainnet. ZkSync 2.0 will start in mainnet in the end of 2022 of in january of 2023.


But isn’t the GitHub repository publicly available by Matterlabs allow us to run a local ZkSync 2.0 node?


So it is a good question, I think some guys from the team will answer


For zkSync 1.0 yes, but for zkSync 2.0 that will come as we get closer to Full Launch Alpha.

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Thanks @bxpana

Q1. Can I ask if the image matterlabs/local-node:latest2.0 is a ZkSync EVM node or a V1 node?

Q2. I can see current docs allow us to deploy smart contracts but then what does V2 Zksync EVM node change for the end user?


Q1. Do you have the link to the repo you’re talking about. Want to make sure we have the right information here.

Q2. This is a great place to get familiar with zkSync and what it offers to users zkSync basics | zkSync — Accelerating the mass adoption of crypto for personal sovereignty

But ultimately now with smart contracts we can see more dynamic projects on zkSync 2.0 vs zkSync 1.0. The idea is that almost any contract deployed on Ethereum can also be deployed on zkSync 2.0


Sure @bxpana

Here’s the link to Q1:

Got this link from your hardhat local testing docs.
Looked up into docker-compose.yml which gave me the docke image name matterlabs/local-node:latest2.0 .

Let me know if this docker image is ZkEVM node?
Also, If I can run for my use case.

Understood your point on Q2.


Ah got it! Yep that would be to run a local setup for zkSync 2.0 and yes that would use our zkEVM. I’m not sure if you are going to be able to use it for your use case, but you can test it out and see.


Thanks for confirming that @bxpana

May I ask if deploying these docker images to our servers can behave as ZkSync V2 network?
Or it’s just a simulation?

As I understand, not everything is open-sourced right now.

I’m not sure how that would work exactly. Have you tried it out yet?