Problem with Discord

Hello. I’ve been a ZK sync user for about a year now. By mistake, I left the server in the discord and for a long time I can not join the server back. I filled out all possible forms and appeals. If I understand correctly, the bot won’t let me join the server. How can I solve this problem? You can check my wallet to see that I am not a bot.

I hope you can help me.


You can fill out a ban repeal here and we’ll review as soon as we can


I was told that I was banned because I behaved offensively. No one can tell what exactly I did wrong. Just some Russian moderator complained about me. And fuck the team. Nobody wants to check anything. I have been using the network for a year. I made donations on Gitcoin. And generally promoted the network in every possible way. And my only fault is that I am Ukrainian and write in Ukrainian. And the Russians don’t seem to like it very much and they ban them. After such an attitude to the project is appropriate. Too bad I can’t withdraw my donations.


I’m sorry you feel this way. As I said you can fill out the ban appeal form, but this forum isn’t the place for discussing issues on Discord. Feel free to email us at